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Franklin County, Missouri Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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John F. Adams
William Ahrens
Edward J. Alberswerth
Henry Alberswerth
Charles Alder
Monroe Allen
August Altheide
Louis A. Ambs
Valentine Anderes
H. Arand
James Armstrong
Marsters E. Armstrong
Thomas Bacon
J. P. Bagby
Julian Bagby
Joseph Bardot
John C. Barrett
John T. Barrett
J. H. Bartle
Henry R. Bauman
Mathew Bay
Frederick W. Becker
John F. Becker
Bernhard Beckmann
Frederick T. Beckmann
Herman H. Beinke
Andrew J. Bell
William M. Bell
Andrew Bergmann
Edward Berry
F. W. Berthold
Franklin Beyersdorf
John A. Blanton
Frederick F. Blom
August Boeger
A. H. Bolte
Charles Borberg
Rudolph Borgmann
Otto Brauer
A. H. Breckenkamp
Daniel A. Brennan
John F. Brinkmann
William Brix
Charles Brockhausen
John H. Broeker
Addison H. Brown
Clark C. Brown
Arch. S. Bryan
Henry J. Buhr
Samuel Burt
John B. Busch
Julius F. Busch
P. N. Butler
Pierce N. Butler
William Henry Buttemiller
John M. Caldwell
Angus A. Cantley
James N. Cardwell
T. W. Chiles
Francis M. Clark
H. W. Clark
C. C. Close
Anderson J. Coleman
Robert Craig
John L. Criswell
John T. Crowe
N. B. Davidson
John M. Degen
R. B. Denny
Louis Derking
Charles H. W. Diedrich
G. W. Doggett
William F. Drake
John G. Droege
Webster Duckworth
Joseph Eckert
Oscar Ehlers
Charles Fredrick Maximilian Eimbeck
Boyle L. Ellett
John Ernst
Jesse P. Farrar
Richard Farrar
Joseph Feth
Andrew Fink
John Finney
Finis C. Fisher
Squire Fitzgerald
Gustav G. Frentrop, Jr.
Adolphus Frick
Bernard Fricke
Charles F. Gallenkamp
Phillipp Gerber
Eberhardt Giebler
Andrew M. Giersa
Arnold Godt
Gert Goebel
George Goeller, Sr.
William F. Goessling
Charles F. Goodrich
Paul Gorg
Andrew Morgan Groff
Daniel Haid, Jr.
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