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California Vintage Postcards, Historic Photos and Images

This section makes it possible to view all of the vintage postcard, historic photos, and images currently available for the state of California.

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Rabbit Drive in California

U. S. Cavalry on a fallen Big Tree, California

First Methodist Church, Alameda, California

Porter School, Alameda, California

George Reeves (Superman), Grave, Altadena, California

Downtown Street Scene, Bakersfield, California

Earle H. Hagen (The Andy Griffith Show), Tombstone and Grave, Cathedral City, California

Frank Sinatra, Tombstone and Grave, Cathedral City, California

5th Street, Coalinga, California

Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, California (photo)

Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone, Tomb or Grave, Culver City, California

Ray Bolger (Scarecrow - Wizard of OZ), Grave or Crypt, Culver City, California

Jack Haley (Tin Man - Wizard of OZ), Tombstone and Grave, Culver City, California

John Candy, Crypt or Grave, Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California

Lorne Greene, Ben "Pa" Cartwright on Bonanza, Culver City, California

Ruth Handler (Barbie Doll creator), tombstone and grave, Culver City, California

Moe Howard (The Three Stooges) Grave Crypt, Culver City, California

Michael Landon, grave, crypt or tomb, Culver City, California

Lawrence Welk, tombstone and grave, Culver City, California

Jerome "Curly" Howard, Tombstone and Grave, East Los Angeles, California

Samuel "Shemp" Howard (The Three Stooges) Grave or Crypt, East Los Angeles, California

Carson Mansion or Carson House, Eureka, California

L. Frank Baum (Wizard of OZ), Tombstone and Grave, Glendale, California

Clayton Moore (The Lone Ranger), Tombstone and Grave, Glendale, California

James (Jimmy) Stewart, Tombstone and Grave, Glendale, California

Hollywood, California, Sunset and Vine Streets (photo)

Frank Inn (trainer of Benji the dog), Tombstone and Grave, Hollywood Hills, California

Ray Charles, Crypt or Grave, Inglewood, California

Nicole Brown Simpson, Tombstone and Grave, Lake Forest, California

Calvary Presbyterian Church, Long Beach, California

Eddie Albert (Green Acres), Tombstone and Grave, Los Angeles, California

Kevin “Chuck” Connors, grave and tombstone, Los Angeles, California

Bob Crane (Hogan's Heroes), grave and tombstone, Los Angeles, California

Peter Falk (Columbo), tombstone and grave, Los Angeles, California

Darla Hood (Our Gang), Crypt - Grave, Los Angeles, California

Don Knotts (Barney Fife), tombstone and grave, Los Angeles, California

Jack Lemmon, grave and tombstone, Los Angeles, California

Howard McNear (Floyd on The Andy Griffith Show), grave, Los Angeles, California

Ricky Nelson, tombstone and grave, Los Angeles, California

Roy Orbison, Grave Site, Los Angeles, California

Ritchie Valens, tombstone and grave, Los Angeles, California

Carl Dean Wilson (The Beach Boys), tombstone and grave, Los Angeles, California

California Alligator Farm, Los Angeles, California

Yosemite Avenue, East, Madera, California

Main Street, Martinez, California

John Wayne, Tombstone and Grave, Newport Beach, California

Aneta L. Corsaut, Helen Crump on Andy Griffith, Grave, North Hollywood, California

Methodist Episcopal Church, Pacific Grove, California

Baptist Church, Pasadena, California

First United Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, California

K Street, Sacramento, California

Jonas Salk (Polio Vaccine), grave and tombstone, San Diego, California

Milburn Stone ("Doc" on Gunsmoke), Tombstone and Grave, San Diego, California

The Cliff House, San Francisco, California

Portsmouth Square, 1851, San Francisco, California (photo)

San Francisco Harbor, 1851, San Francisco, California (photo)

Federal Prison on Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California

Engine 15 Firehouse, San Francisco, California (photos)

San Gabriel Mission, San Gabriel, California

First Presbyterian Church, San Jose, California

Fess Parker (Davy Crockett & Daniel Boone), Tombstone and Grave, Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara Mission, Santa Barbara, California

Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver “Leave It To Beaver”), grave and tombstone, Santa Monica, California

Harvey Korman (Carol Burnett Show), grave, crypt or tomb, Santa Monica, California

Irene Ryan (Granny - Beverly Hillbillies), Crypt or Tomb, Santa Monica, California

Main and El Dorado Streets, 1866, Stockton, California (photo)

Windward Avenue, Venice, California

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