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San Francisco, California, Portsmouth Square, 1851, historic photo

San Francisco, California, Portsmouth Square, 1851, historic photo, gold rush

A historic photo view of Portsmouth Square, San Francisco, California as it appeared in January, 1851, just five months after California had become a state. This is now part of the Chinatown area of San Francisco. This photo is from the time of the California Gold Rush when San Francisco was experiencing explosive growth. The population of about 200 in 1846 rapidly increased to more than 30,000 just five years later when this street scene was recorded. The years of the gold rush were primarily between 1848 to 1855.

Signs that can be read, from left to right are: California Restaurant; A. Holmes; Alta California; Book & Job Printing; Drugs & Medicines Wholesale & Retail; Louisiana (probably an hotel); Bella & Union; Sociedad.

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