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New York City Barge Office Emmigrant Landing Vintage Postcard

New York City Barge Office Emmigrant Landing Vintage Postcard

A vintage postcard view of Barge Office, New York City, New York. This was the primary New York immigration entry point from April 1890 until December 31, 1891. The previous entry point had been Castle Garden which operated between 1855 and April 1890. Starting January 1, 1892, the immigration center moved to Ellis Island. A fire destroyed the original Ellis Island structure on June 14 and 15, 1897. Barge Office was again used from June 15, 1897 until December 16, 1900. The new Ellis Island facility re-opened on December 17, 1900.

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The History of Immigration to America: Castle Garden, Barge Office, Ellis Island

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