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Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

William L. Abraham
Jacob Acuff
William S. Acuff
Samuel Akins
Titus Albright
Christian A. Alderfer
John Bean Alderfer
Lewis S. Alderfer
D. Melvin Allebach
Elmer S. Allebaugh
Francis Olcott Allen
Theodore K. Allen
Isaac Ellis Ambler
J. Irwin Ambler
Daniel M. Anders
Samuel K. Anders
William S. Anders
John F. Anderson
Matthias P. Anderson
Hannah Apple
Andrew Keel Argue
John G. Armstrong
William G. Armstrong
Henrie Arnoldy
Albanus C. Arthur
Charles B. Ashton
Edward Asure
William Auchenbach
William P. Bach
Nicholas Baggs
Andrew H. Baker
Theodore W. Baker
Andrew M. Barlow
Harvey Barlow
Joel Barlow
Edwin Barnes
J. Allen Barrett
Richard H. Bate
William T. Bate
George Bauer
Abraham L. Bauman
Abraham S. Bean
Garret F. Bean
Joseph V. Bean
Wilmer M. Bean
Barnet K. Beaver
Samuel B. Bechtel
Thomas R. Beeber
Christian Beener
Horace Martin Bellows
Milton Bergey Benner
William Hodgson Bennett
David Hendricks Bergey
Michael K. Bergey
Allen Berkhimer
Charles Berkhimer
George Berkhimer
John Berkhimer
Benjamin Bertolet
Ezra Bertolet
Ira D. Bertolet
Lewis J. Bickel
William J. Binder
George W. Bisbing
J. Maurice Bisbing
John Bisbing
Daniel M. Bishop
James Washington Bisson
William C. Blackburn
Eugene Blair
Jonathan L. Blake
John Blattner
Franklin H. Bliem
Benjamin E. Block
Henry Bobb
Mary L. Bonney
Elizabeth A. Boorse
John Cassel Boorse
Joseph Bosler
Herbert A. Bostock
George W. Bowman
Jacob E. Bowman
James Boyd
Henry K. Boyer
J. Frank Boyer
Jacob Edward Boyer
Andrew J. Bradley
M. Newton Branin
John Brant
Samuel Stettle Brant
John Ernst Brecht
Samuel E. Brecht
Horace G. Brinton
Edward F. Britt
J. Milton Brooke
William Brooke
Joseph J. Brophy
John Levin Brown
E. G. Brownback
Garret E. Brownback
Henry March Brownback
John E. Brower
John G. Brower
John S. Buchanan
Thomas Buckman
Henry L. Buckwalter
Isaac N. Buckwalter
Jacob Buckwalter
Joseph Addison Buckwalter
Edward H. Burling
John Burton
William Butcher
Thomas Franklin Buzby
Cyrus Hickman Caley
James S. Cameron
George E. Campbell
John J. Campbell
Joseph Henry Carey
John Beans Carrell
William Casey
Benjamin C. Cassel
Isaac R. Cassel
Nathan Cassell
Clarence Marmaduke Casselberry
George Washington Castner
B. Percy Chain
Louis M. Childs
S. Powell Childs
Montgomery Christman
Francis J. Clamer
Isaac Jones Clark
Catherine Clayton
Abraham Theophilus Clayton
Hamilton Clayton
Samuel R. Clayton
William L. Clayton
Augustus M. Cleaver
Chalkley K. Cleaver
Jonathan Cleaver
Josiah Clemmer
Frank M. Clymer
Daniel R. Cofrode
Henry A. Cole
John Milton Colton
Harry Comly
John Foulke Comly
Edward B. Conard
Henry Fassett Conard
William Conard
John Meredith Conrad
Samuel B. Conver
Jay Cooke
Richard Lee Cooper
Leidy L. Cope
The Corson Family
Alan W. Corson
Ellwood Maulsby Corson
George Corson
Isabella F. and Mary Corson
Joseph K. Corson
J. Frank Cottman
Joseph Percy Coulston
Walter Coulston
B. Wilson Cox
Charles A. Cox
James A. Cozens
Robert Steel Craven
Albert Crawford
Henry C. Cressman
Samuel G. Cripps
William A. Crouthamel
Charles H. Culin
Harman Custer
Horace A. Custer
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