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Darke County, Ohio Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

Simpson Albright
Anson Aldrich
Lawson Allen
Matthew T. Allen
William Allen
S. W. Allread
Henry Alter
Joseph Amann Jr.
L. C. Anderson
J. W. Apple
Wm. Archard
Peter E. Armstrong
Abraham Arnett
George Arnold
Noah Arnold
John Aten
J. B. Avery
Charles Bachman
George Bacon
James Bailey
Andrew Baird
Evin Baker
Jacob Baker
Samuel M. Baker
Jacob G. Bashor
Henry Baughman
William Baughman
David Beanblossom
Enos Beanblossom
Joseph Beanblossom
Jacob L. Beatty
Samuel Bechtolt
Lewis Beckler
Jacob Beery
George Bertz
Andrew Bickel
Daniel W. Bickel
Henry M. Bickel
Samuel Billhimer
Charles Biltemier
William J. Bireley
Jacob Bish
Thompson L. Bishop
William F. Bishop
Benjamin Blackburn
John Blackburn
Moses Blackburn
James J. Blease
Samuel W. Blocher
T. J. Bloom
B. Blottman
A. C. Bobbs
Benjamin Bobenmoyer
Charles Bobenmoyer
William L. Bonham
H. Bornstein
Daniel Boyer
Alexander B. Brandon
John E. Breaden
David Brenner
Abraham N. Brewer
John Brewer
Christopher Briney
Henry C. Bristly
Henry Brown
Jacob M. Brown
John S. Brown
Loyd Brown
W. N. Brown
William Brown
Asariah Bruss
Joseph Bryson
Morris Bryson
Leo Myers Buchwalter
Edward J. Bunch
Isaac Burke
Henry J. Burns
John C. Burns
Thomas A. Burns
John K. Butt
George Byers Sr.
Abraham Byrd Sr.
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