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Stanly County, North Carolina, 1911 Map

Stanly County, North Carolina, 1911, Map, Rand McNally, Albemarle, Norwood, Locust, Richfield, Misenheimer

Locations shown include: Abi, Albemarle, Biglick (Big Lick), Bloomington, Bridgeport, Cottonville, Dowd, Drysmill (Drys Mill), Elfirds Mills, Endy, Finger, Ford, Hath, Hoch, Jackdaw, Lambert, Leo, Locust, Lowder, Millertown, Millingport, Misenheimer P O, Misenheimer Springs, Mission, Moratock, New London, Norwood, Palestine, Palmerville, Pennington, Pickler, Plyler (Plyer), Porter, Rest, Richfield, Ritchie, Rockaway, Shankle, Silver, Sprite, Tucker, Whitley, Whitney.

This Stanly County map is a portion of a 1911 North Carolina map by Rand McNally.

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