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Shawnee County, Kansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

H. L. Alkire
Henry S. Allen
Samuel Allen
Stephen H. Allen
William J. Allen
Andrew J. Arnold
Charles J. Aye
Floyd P. Baker
Ida C. Barnes
Walter L. Bates
Stephen A. Bedwell, Jr.
William S. Bergundthal
J. Albert Berry
Joseph Benjamin Burton Betts
Thomas C. Biddle
Richard Binns
Winfield Austin Scott Bird
James F. Blakemore
Parkison I. Bonebrake
Christian Bowman
Thomas Elliott Bowman
Royal C. Bradshaw
Joseph Bromich
Milton Brown
William M. Bruce
James Burgess
DeLou Burke
Matthew Thompson Campbell
Marie Antonin Eugene Jaques Campdoras
Julius Taylor Clark
Gasper Christopher Clemens
John McNulty Clugston
Foster Dwight Coburn
Roswell L. Cofran
Elza V. Coldren
Ernest B. Conant
Patrick H. Coney
Perry Ellis Cook
Cyrus Corning
Elias Branson Cowgill
David O. Crane
George W. Crane
William S. Curry
Charles Curtis
James Cuthbert
Alston W. Dana
Benjamin Franklin Dawson
John S. Dean
Martin Guy Dean
Levi M. Decker
John Dickey
Ansel E. Dickinson
Richard Disney
Charles S. Downing
Daniel Duck
Guilford Dudley
Augustus L. Entsminger
Walter E. Fagan
Russell U. Farnsworth
Joseph S. Farrell
Thomas J. Faxon
P. D. Firestone
William R. Fish
W. M. Forbes
Cassius G. Foster
Perry T. Foster
John E. Frost
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