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Perry County, Indiana Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

Andrew Ackarman
Henry C. Ackarman
Hiram C. Ackarman
Joseph Adam
Freeman Adams
Andrew J. Adye
George F. Adye
Thomas J. Allen
Jerome B. Anson
Caspar H. Asbrock
Robert Ash
Millard F. Babbitt
Peter Backer
Henry Bader

S. N. Badger
Hermann Baertich
John Barger
Andrew P. Batson
Charles Becker
Ferdinand Becker

John Begert
J. B. Bennett
Charles W., William H., John J. and August H. Berguenroth
Michael Bettinger
Henry H. Bielefeld
Charles F. Bilger
Jacob Bollinger
George F. Bott

David A. Boyle
James Boyle
Isaac Bramel
Joseph D. Brashear
Elias Brewer
Magnus Brucker

Michael Brunner
Martin V. Burnett
Nicholas Burst

John Carr
Michael Casper
Peter Casper
William T. Chewning
Cyrus Clark
William Clark
William B. Clark
Joseph Francis Claudel
Peter Clemens
Peter Clutinger
John D. Cockrell
John Cody
James M. Combs
John Tipton Connor
Abraham Crist
Isaiah Cummings
Titus Cummings
Uriah Cummings
Jesse Cunningham
Scott Cunningham
Charles Daum
Jacob Daum
Jacob Daunhauer
Melchior C. Deckert
Thomas J. De La Hunt
Michael Derrendinger

Eugene Devillez
Frederick Diener
Andrew J. Dixon
Elisha E. Drumb
John P. Dunn
Louis P. Dupaquier
Louis Dwyer
George R. Dyer
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