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Perry County, Illinois Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

View a map of Perry County, Illinois here: Perry County, Illinois Map

H. W. Adams
Roy Alden
Wm. Bates

Lewis Beck
John T. Beem

Robert Beggs
Albert Judd Blakeslee
George Finley Blakeslee
Alvah Blanchard

John Boyd
W. E. Brookings
John Brown
J. M. Browning
J. J. Burge
Martin C. Carr
Frank W. Case
William A. Chapman
George W. Clark

Hugh Cooper
E. W. Cover
Joseph Crawford
William C. Davis, Jr.

A. A. Driemeyer
D. W. Dunn
Lewis Dyer
J. C. Eade
S. B. Eaton

Mortimer Clay Edwards
Frank B. Ernest

F. T. Fallon
William H. Fountain
J. H. Frizzell
Charles Geumalley
William A. Haines
W. B. Hall
Lewis Hammack
Campbell Hardy
Jordan Harriss
Jordan Carroll Harriss

James H. Harvey
H. J. Heinecke
John J. Higgins
Henry Horn
H. P. Huntsinger
Joseph Ismert
William Jackson
Fritz Jenkel
W. S. Johnson
George K. Keiner
John Kellermann
John J. King
Charles Klocke
J. M. Kunz
J. C. Lounsbury
W. T. Maclin

Albert Sherman Marlow
Basdal Marlow
William McNeil
J. J. Miller

John Miller
H. O. Murphy
Edward Musselman
Stephen Nash
F. V. Nettleton
Thomas Penwarden
Benjamin W. Pope
P. N. Pope
William Reid
Thomas J. Rice
E. H. Ritchey
Charles H. Roe
R. J. Rushing
Joseph Schneider
H. R. Schulze
Ralph H. Sellew
William H. Smith

C. M. Thornton
James Todd
Lewis Trefftzs
W. Frank Trefftzs
William J. Walker
George W. Wall
F. M. Ward
J. H. Ward
Charles Weinberg
Robert W. S. Wheatley

Manuel H. Wilson
William S. Wilson
Henry R. Winthrop

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