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Washington County, Arkansas Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

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William Agee
John T. Appleby
John J. Arnold
Evans Atwood
Philip Hudson Babb
Jeremiah Barnes
John F. Barr
George Wesley Barringer
Richard H. Bean
John M. Bell
Alvin J. Bellamy
John Quincy Benbrook
Allen H. Bennett
Millard Berry
Sheppard Hubbard Blackmer
Jesse Lee Blakemore
Benjamin F. Boone
Francis M. Boyd
J. L. Bozarth
David Bridenthal
Thomas Brooks
Javan Bryant
Charles Ratcliffe Buckner
H. Milton Butler
Albert M. Byrnes
A. J. Campbell
James B. Campbell
Thomas J. Campbell
William H. Campbell
Barton A. Carl
Obed C. Cate
Alexander Caton
James M. Chandler
Joel L. Cherry
D. Christian
Ambrose H. Clark
B. F. Clark
Ellery W. Clark
Damon Clarke
Charles T. Clayton
Samuel T. Cole
J. W. Coltrane
I. G. Combs
C. C. Conner
John M. Cox
Samuel Cox
Samuel A. Craig
Johnson Crawford
Leonidas E. Crawford
Henry C. Crowell
James C. Cunningham
Hiram Abiff Daily
Charles Dale
James E. Davis
Wilson M. Davis
George Freeman Deane
William S. Deaver
Wiley D. Deen
Mac Devin
David Divelbliss
Dryden Dold
James Dodson
William A. Douthit
Julius Linn Duke
Zebulon B. Edmiston
Howard Edwards
B. L. Eidson
William Harrison Eidson
William H. Engels
J. T. Evins
Jasper Farmer
James Felton
James Andrew Ferguson
T. R. Ferguson
John H. Flinn
Jonathan Foust
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