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Below is a family biography included in the Biographical Annals of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania published in 1904 by T. S. Benham & Company and The Lewis Publishing Company; Elwood Roberts, Editor.  These biographies are valuable for genealogy research in discovering missing ancestors or filling in the details of a family tree. Family biographies often include far more information than can be found in a census record or obituary.  Details will vary with each biography but will often include the date and place of birth, parent names including mothers' maiden name, name of wife including maiden name, her parents' names, name of children (including spouses if married), former places of residence, occupation details, military service, church and social organization affiliations, and more.  There are often ancestry details included that cannot be found in any other type of genealogical record.

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THOMAS THOMSON, a well known and highly respected citizen of Cheltenham township, was born near Ogontz, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, February 28, 1842, a son of John and Caroline (Jones) Thomson, grandson of Thomas and Jane (Jarrett) Thomson and great-grandson of John and Abigail (Roberts) Thomson.

John Thomson (great-grandfather) was born 12th mo. 22, 1750, in Cheltenham township, Montgomery county, Pennsylvania, where he died 9th mo. 28, 1838. In 1773 he married Abigail Roberts, born 7th mo. 28, 1751, died 7th mo. 15, 1843, daughter of Thomas and Letitia Roberts, of Milford township Bucks county, Pennsylvania, near Quakertown. Their children were: Hannah, married Thomas Shoemaker; Thomas, mentioned at length hereinafter; Sarah, married Samuel Rowland; Catherine, died at thirteen years of age.

Thomas Thomson (grandfather) son of John and Abigail Thomson, was born 9th mo. 30, 1775, died 12th mo. 26, 1825. He married Jane Jarrett, and the following named children were born of this union: 1. Ann, who married Jacob Jarrett, and their children are: William, Joseph, Jane, John Thomson, George, Susan and Jarrett. 2. Hannah, who became the wife of John Roberts, and their children are: Abigail, Thomas, Ann, Mary, William, and Jane. 3. Catharine who became the wife of Richard Roberts, and their children are: Charles, who married Hannah Chandler, and had two children-Harry and Eva Roberts; J. Thomson who married George Anna Hallowell, and their children were: George F., Catharine T., Susan L., Abel S., William M., Charles, and Emlen, the three latter named being deceased; Benjamin F., who died in infancy; Rebecca R., who married Jacob L. Hallowell, and had two children: Richard R., and William L.; Jane F., who became the wife of Abel Hallowell, and they were the parents of one child, Theodore H. Hallowell. 4. Sarah, whose first husband was Anthony Williams, second husband was Jesse Shoemaker, and third husband Cyrus Betts. 5. John, mentioned at length hereinafter. 6. Abigail, who became the wife of John Wildman, of Langhorne, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, and had one child, Jane Wildman, who married Joseph J. Watson, and had two children-Dr. Franklin Watson, of whom a sketch appears elsewhere in this work; and Abigail Watson. 7. Elizabeth, who died young.

John Thomson (father) was the fifth child of Thomas and Jane Thomson. He married Caroline Jones, and their children were: Charles, who died young; Alice, who became the wife of Benjamin F. Pemrose, county commissioner, and is now deceased; Thomas, mentioned at length hereinafter; Samuel, who married Fannie Twining, and one child has been born to them, Caroline; Jane; Margaret, who became the wife of county treasurer Henry W. Hallowell, and they are the parents of two children, Jane and Israel; John, who died unmarried; William, also died unmarried; J. Dawson, who married Annie Knight, and they are the parents of one child, Florence Thomson.

Thomas Thomson, second son of John and Caroline Thomson, received his early education at the Abington Friends’ School, then pursued a course at Friends’ Central School at Fifteenth and Race streets, Philadelphia, a well known institution of learning, noted for its thoroughness, and on leaving school turned his attention to farming on the homestead. During the latter years of the life of John Thomson (father) he apportioned his estate among his children, Thomas taking the allotted section on which was the old homestead, and erecting thereon a modern and attractive house, in which he now resides. Mr. Thomson is an estimable and public-spirited citizen, and throughout his entire life has fully exemplified the traditions of his ancestors. He enjoys the respect and confidence of his friends and neighbors, and his example is worthy of emulation.

Mr. Thomson married, February 24, 1874, Mary Eyre, who was born 12th mo. 15, 1846, a daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (Knight) Eyre, of Newtown, Bucks county, Pennsylvania. The children of this marriage are: 1. Elizabeth E., born 9th mo. 15. 1875, married Herbert K. Taylor, of Philadelphia, 11th mo. 3, 1897, and their children are: William Thomson, born 3d mo. 25, 1901, and Thomas Thomson Taylor, born 3d mo. 2, 1904. 2. John, born 6th mo. 25, 1877, died 10th mo. 12, 1902; he married Elizabeth Watson, of Langhorne Bucks county, Pennsylvania 1st mo. 15, 1902. 3. Alice P., born 10th mo. 7, 1880, became the wife of Marshall P. Sullivan, of Moorestown, New Jersey, 4th mo. 27, 1904 4. George, born 10th mo. 29, 1882, died 11th mo. 23, 1882. Mr. Thomson and his family are members of the Abington Friends’ Meeting.

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