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Below is a family biography included in The History of Darke County, Ohio published by W. H. Beers & Co. in 1880.  These biographies are valuable for genealogy research in discovering missing ancestors or filling in the details of a family tree. Family biographies often include far more information than can be found in a census record or obituary.  Details will vary with each biography but will often include the date and place of birth, parent names including mothers' maiden name, name of wife including maiden name, her parents' names, name of children (including spouses if married), former places of residence, occupation details, military service, church and social organization affiliations, and more.  There are often ancestry details included that cannot be found in any other type of genealogical record.

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MICHAEL RECK, farmer and mechanic, P. O. Gettysburg, Ohio; John, his father, was a native of Pennsylvania, born in Adams Co., in 1785. He married Miss Ann Hiner, who was a native of Maryland, born in Frederick Co., in 1788; they emigrated to Ohio in 1827, leaving Pennsylvania the 14th of October, arriving on the old Campbell farm on the 14th of November, moving in the house with Mr. Campbell, where they spent the winter, and in the spring they moved on the northwest corner of Sec. 31, on the banks of Greenville Creek, and in 1831 he erected a saw-mill near where the flouring-mill now stands; Mr. Reck laid out the town of Gettysburg, and named it after the Gettysburg in Pennsylvania; he entered 928 acres in Darke Co.; they were the parents of eleven children, six boys and five girls; ten were living when they came to Ohio, six of whom have survived the storms of life at the present writing, viz., Samuel, John, Eli, Lydia, Elizabeth and Michael. Mr. Reck departed this life on the 9th of February, 1878, being 93 years 10 months and 24 days old; his wife died Sept. 11, 1856. Michael, the subject of this sketch, is one of Darke Co’s old pioneers, who is a native of Pennsylvania, born in Adams Co., on the 23rd of October, 1810; he received his education in the district schools of Adams Co., Penn., and, being a natural mechanic, he spent the most of his time at carpentering, in preference to farming; he came to Darke Co., with his parents, in 1828, being in his 17th year; he continued to follow his trade; and in 1830 he performed the first carpentering work on the first schoolhouse built in the township. On the 20th of June, 1833, he celebrated his marriage with Eliza Hershey, and on the 28th of November, 1834, she passed from earth to heaven. He followed his trade for about twenty-three years. On the 28th of November, 1836, he celebrated his second marriage with Miss Mary Warwick; after his marriage, he moved on a tract of land which contained 70 acres, that he had purchased in 1831, in Sec. 31, where he resided for a period of about six years, when he removed to Gettysburg, and engaged in the hotel business, which at that time was good; he had built the stand in 1838; he remained here about six years, meeting with good success; he then rented the hotel to William Fritz, and removed to his farm, where he remained till 1869, when he removed to Gettysburg, remaining about eighteen months, after which he removed to his farm, where he has continued to reside ever since; in the course of time he traded the hotel property in Gettysburg, for a farm of 160 acres in Mercer Co., which he sold in 1862 for $1,650; he now owns 181 acres and a house and lot in Gettysburg; Mr. Reck has given to his children about $11,000 in land and money; he has, by his hard labor, connected with correct business and strict temperate habits, accumulated a large amount of property, in which he has been nobly assisted by his good and amiable wife, both of whom have passed through the many struggles, dangers, privations and incidents so common to the pioneer of the West, and are now reaping the reward of their toil; Mr. Reck would not accept any of the township offices, although they have been offered to him time and again. They are the parents of ten children, of whom eight are living, viz., Sarah A., born Jan 24, 1838; Wilkins, Nov. 14, 1841; Jeremiah S., Oct. 15, 1843; Frances, July 28, 1845; Nancy J., Sept. 29, 1848; Mary, Nov. 16, 1854; Charles E., May 16, 1852; James C., April 6, 1858. Mr. Reck has raised a large family and has taught them the great importance of industry and the use of carpentering tools.

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