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Butler County, Kansas 1887 Map

Butler County, Kansas 1887 Map El Dorado, Augusta, Potwin, Rosalia, Towanda, Benton, Brainard, Leon, Douglass, Wingate, Beaumont, Rose Hill, KS

Locations shown include (click on any township name for an enlarged view):
Augusta Township: Augusta
Benton Township: Benton, Indianola
Bloomington Township: Freedom, Numa
Bruno Township: Andover, Lorena
Chelsea Township: Chelsea, Durachan
Clay Township: Ophir
Clifford Township: Amador, Ovo
Douglas Township: Douglass
ElDorado Township: El Dorado
Fairmount Township: Nellans, Worth
Fairview Township
Glencoe Township: Beaumont, Keighley
Hickory Township
Lincoln Township: DeGraff, Dixon
Little Walnut Township: Leon
Logan Township: Pine Grove
Milton Township: Brainard, Cariboo
Murdock Township: Edgecombe, Murdock, Palmyra
Pleasant Township: Aral, Rose Hill
Plum Grove Township: Plum Grove, Potwin
Prospect Township: Pontiac
Richland Township: Providence
Rock Creek Township: Cedar Ford, Pine Grove
Rosalia Township: Rosalia
Spring Township: Haverhill Station
Sycamore Township: Cassaday, Sycamore
Towanda Township: Towanda
Union Township: Latham, Wingate
Walnut Township: Gardon, Gordon Station

The names shown in all caps are the names of the townships

This a map from Official State Atlas of Kansas, by L. H. Everts & Co., 1887

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