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Below is a family biography included in History of Shawnee County, Kansas and Representative Citizens by James L. King, published by Richmond & Arnold, 1905.  These biographies are valuable for genealogy research in discovering missing ancestors or filling in the details of a family tree. Family biographies often include far more information than can be found in a census record or obituary.  Details will vary with each biography but will often include the date and place of birth, parent names including mothers' maiden name, name of wife including maiden name, her parents' names, name of children (including spouses if married), former places of residence, occupation details, military service, church and social organization affiliations, and more.  There are often ancestry details included that cannot be found in any other type of genealogical record.

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Hon. Samuel T. Howe, district manager of the Bell Telephone Company with office at Topeka, has been a resident of Kansas since 1868, and during this long period has been identified with business associations and public affairs. Mr. Howe was born July 23, 1848, at Savannah, Wayne County New York, coming from a family which has been particularly distinguished in the professions and in the political as well as business circles of several States.

Mr. Howe accompanied his family to Toledo, Ohio, in boyhood and there obtained an excellent education, which was scarcely completed at the opening of the Civil War. In 1862 he became a member of the State militia, and in January, 1864, received an appointment in the military service of the United States, connected with the construction of military railroads in Alabama. In January, 1865, he enlisted as a private in Company B, 189th Reg. Ohio Vol. Inf., and served until the close of the war in the 14th Army Corps. After his discharge in 1865, he returned to Toledo, and during the intervening period until 1868 perfected himself in carpenter work.

Mr. Howe came to Kansas with the great wave of immigration in 1868 and found abundant need of his skill in his trade in the rapidly growing cities of Leavenworth, Topeka, Burlingame and Salina. In those days it was a difficult matter for an intelligent, public-spirited citizen of Kansas to keep out of politics, and in 1871 Mr. Howe found himself elected sheriff of Marion County. He served as sheriff until 1874, when he was elected, and later twice reelected, clerk of the District Court. In 1879 he was shown the confidence of Marion County by being elected its treasurer and was reelected in 1881 but before he could take his seat, the people of the State, recognizing in him a man of the sterling traits of character which they demanded in a State Treasurer, elected him in 1882 to this office, in which he served most satisfactorily until 1887.

After his retirement from the duties of the office of State Treasurer, Mr. Howe located his home at Topeka, where for many years he was active in business, particularly in land dealing and banking, and was also the owner of mining interests. In 1895 he was elected by the executive council of the State, consisting of the Governor and other State officer, to the office of railroad commissioner, a position he held two years. He is a qualified lawyer but has never engaged in general practice, but his understanding of the law has made him a very efficient official and member of various boards. He is at present a member of the City Council, and has served as its president; he is now serving as chairman of the ways and means committee. He was recently appointed by the Governor on a commission to advise with the Governor in relation to an investigation of the State departments, ordered by the last Legislature. He has been the author of numerous articles on public subjects, especially in relation to financial matters, and has proved his close acquaintance with economic questions of the greatest moment. Since 1904 Mr. Howe has been the district manager of the Bell Telephone Company with office at Topeka.

In 1876 Mr. Howe was married to Clara B. Frazer, of Portsmouth, Ohio, and they became the parents of eight children, of whom five still survive, as follows: Bertrice A., Fred L., Samuel T., Jr., William E. and Clare E. Mr. Howe’s fraternal association is mainly with the Masons and he has been treasurer of the Masonic Mutual Benefit Society for a number of years. He is a valued member of the Topeka Commercial Club. His portrait is shown on a foregoing page.

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