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Posey County, Indiana Family Biographies

The names listed below are the primary subject of the biography. Most biographies will include numerous other names which can be located with the search website feature. Click on any name below to view the biography:

David C. Alcorn
Alonzo J. Alldredge
John S. Alldredge
Charles Arburn
Charles Arburn
Daniel Oscar Barker
Roscoe Usher Barker
Commodore P. Barrett
Julius C. Barter
Jacob Becker
Valentine Bender
William Degress Bennett
S. Benthal
Lawrence B. Bitz
Enoch Beal Bixler
Marcus Sherburne Blunt
S. W. Boren
William O. Boren
Henry Brinkman
Henry Brown
Ellison Cale
James Cale
Oscar Cale
Henry Thomas Calvert
Samuel Carroll
Walter G. Carson
Vincent M. Cartwright
Joseph Milton Causey
Arthy M. Cleveland
Lewis W. Cleveland
John Corbin
Clarence Cox
George William Curtis
George William Curtis, Sr.
Charles Dausman
Kelly De Fur
Frank Deig
John A. Deig
John W. Dieg
John Oscar Dixon
John E. Doerr
Henry Donner
Timothy Scott Downen
William P. Edson
George J. Ehrhardt
John F. Ehrhardt
Elisha E. Ellis
T. C. Emmick
David M. Erwin
William D. Erwin
Henry Espenlaub
John Espenlaub
William Espenschied
Henry Fisher
K. C. Fitzgerald
Carl Flucks
Carl Flucks
(St. Wendel)
William Henry Fogas
Raymond A. French
William Frier
William C. Fuhrer
C. H. Fullinwider
Ferdinand A. Funke
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